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After years of working together on different projects, Nick and Phil joined together to create their own brand, WE BE US.


The idea for the company stemmed from the realization that approximately 200,000 Canadians experience homelessness each year. Nick and Phil, both heavily involved within their own communities, wanted to help people experiencing homelessness and came up with the concept of donating clean and dry clothes to shelters across the country.


With Phil's knowledge in clothing design and Nick's business savvy personality, they came together to form a company that not only sells awesome socks but focuses on social good. We are committed to building and celebrating the individuals who are doing their part to put amazing in our world.


The selfless givers, the creatives, the positive disruptors, people who want to see good in the world and work to put it there. WE BE US is not just about clothes, we are about sharing with the world the amazing gifts of the people who are in it. 

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